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Hair Loss Treatment with Essential Oils

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Posted on October 23 2017

 Naturally, we all lose a certain number of hair per day. When this hair loss becomes excessive, one speaks of “alopecia”.

What are the reasons for hairloss?

” Androgenetic alopecia ” mainly affects men and is due to a hormonal factor: testosterone. The male hormone, is transformed into the body into another hormone, dihydrotestosterone or DHT. When this DHT is fixed in the hair follicles, it will pack the process of making hair that will be renewed faster and faster, exhausting the hair follicle. In women, this type of baldness is rarer and sometimes appears at menopause. Unlike men who often lose their hair in whole areas, women lose their hair more sparsely: it is called ” diffuse female androgenetic alopecia “.
Hair loss can also be caused by stress, nutrient deficiencies , scalp infections, climatic changes, pollution, fatigue, hormonal disorder …

some people have a question if masturbation causes hair loss? Masturbation and hair loss are not related.



First, it is important to understand the cause and act as a preventive in case of genetic history. Whatever the cause (even genetic), it is essential to reinforce the hair and to activate the microcirculation in the scalp, regularly massaging the scalp with serums fortifying and rebalancing. Thus, some essential oils, used in hair serums or in shampoos, can help to tone and regulate the scalp and combat their hair loss: Cedar, Nard Jatamansi ,Grapefruit , Clary Sage, Rosemary  … Vegetable oils like the Castor Oil , Chaulmoogra, or Black Cumin(Nigelle) vegetable oil will ideally complete the care ..
Depending on the cause, hormonal rebalancing or nutritional supplementation may be necessary.


Essential oils are allies of choice to stimulate the growth of hair: by their heating, stimulating or circulatory effects, they actively microcirculate in the scalp, facilitating the feeding of the capillary bulb in nutrients: Bay LeafRosemaryGinger , Cypress  , Pine Needle … Use them diluted in a vegetable oil, before shampooing. The vegetable oil of Mustard , a powerful heating and stimulating oil, will be particularly appreciated to stimulate the growth of the hair and to fight against their fall. Powerful, it combines with the Castor Oil ,Coconut or Avocado to prepare your serums and oil baths.


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