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Swathi Aroma Pacific 

Swathi ,Founder of Aroma Pacific comes from a family of farmers, she spent most of her summers with her grandparents outskirts of Bangalore and learnt about nature’s healing powers. She takes care of most of the activities in the company including Online Marketing and Sales.

Although graduating in computer science engineering and working a fair bit in an MNC, she decided to quit her job to gain MBA from France, after moving back to India, she founded Teayogi an e-commerce for Tea and later pivoted to all Natural Products, Aroma Pacific.

She has been a Bangalorean and seen how it has changed over time with Urbanisation, She wants to inspire people to start living more with Nature and discover its immense healing powers for mind and body. She also practices Yoga on a regular basis and has trekked the Himalayas.

Changing the world one step at a time, Her vision for her company is to keep Inspiring people to live naturally and adopt a lifestyle which is more close to Nature.